What I’m Watching: “The Financial Diet”

One of the things I am trying to do with this whole midlife makeover thing is to consume a broad and varied catalog of self-help, how-to, and motivational resources. I notice that, too often, people who go on these self-improvement journeys often identify a single book or method — KonMari, or the Total Money Makeover, or the Keto Diet, or whatever — and use that method, and only that method, even if the method itself has flaws or gaps. That’s fine, for some people, but I prefer to synthesize the best elements of many approaches, in the hopes of finding one that works best for me.

So this is the first of my “Self-Improvement Library” recommendations, highlighting the sources of information and advice that I’m finding most helpful in my midlife makeover. YMMV. First up, the YouTube channel “The Financial Diet.”

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