Skeptoid: Do Cell Phones Disrupt Sleep?

The Skeptoid article is out a day later today, mostly because I was in a meeting all day yesterday. This week: is it time foe me to stop using my iPhone as an alarm clock?

Skeptoid: Detroit’s Mystery Cat

It’s Thursday again, and I’ve published another article over at the Skeptoid blog, Today, the story of Detroit’s “Mystery Cat,” which was in the local headlines this past weekend. Neat fealine, tragic end. Click through and give it a read if you’re interested!

Skeptoid: Time To Give Up Facebook?

Just a quick note that my second weekly Skeptoid article has posted. I am still giddy at the opportunity to be writing as Ali, and as long as I’m giddy I will be sharing these articles here. Is It Time To Give Up Facebook? Please give it a click and a read and, if you’re […]