Writing Music: Jagged Little Pill

Writing Music is a series of posts where I talk about the music that inspires my creative endeavors. A new post goes up every Friday. Widgets Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill  is an album that I used to love in college, then lost touch with for many years. I’ve returned to it since I […]

Moving the Trans Narrative Beyond Transition

A lot of trans people write coming out stories. It’s the standard trans narrative and the one that everyone seems to be interested in reading. Why not give the people what they want, right? Besides, if a trans person is going to tell their story than their transition is an obvious choice because it is […]

Writing Music: The Visit

Music is an important part of my creative process. I generally only create with something playing in the background. Good music gives the less attentive parts of my mind something to focus on while the rest of me focuses on writing. Really good music can actually inspire and affect the quality and content of my […]

Today on Skeptoid …

So it’s finally out, and so I’m finally free to say something about it: I have taken on a contract job to write and produce some episodes of the Skeptoid podcast. Not every week — more like every six weeks or so — but I’m still excited to become a part of a podcast I’ve […]

When Fortune Smiles

This has been a pretty amazing week for me. My name change petition is filed, and the process is underway. My decision to pursue writing is actually starting to pay off a bit. [Just a bit, but still.] I’m working on a book. I’m preparing for my first GenCon in years. Finally, I may even […]

On the Job Front

So here’s some good news: I got a job. It’s not the kind of job that will put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and cover health insurance, but it is a job nonetheless. More importantly, it is a job writing. Specifically, I am now a contributor to Gamer Headlines, a video game news site. It’s sort […]

Being Alison Edwards?

It may be time to kill off Alison Edwards. No, not kill off my authentic identity. But to kill off this pen name / pseudonymous last name I have been using for the last year and a half online. It’s making my life more complicated than it needs to be right now and it’s feeling […]

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s the Fourth of July, and I’m glad for it. I could use a relaxing shower of explosion and sparks this week. This has been a pretty shitty week overall. Had to replace my hot water heater AND the exhaust chimney; had to clean up the water that flooded out when the old one broke; […]

Holy Crap, Leviticus is Scary

So, since I last checked in with you all, I have been doing what Nancy and I discussed: writing! Well, specifically, I’ve been going over all the projects I’ve never finished before and deciding which ones are worth picking back up and which ones are worth leaving in the reject bin. I’ve been revising some […]

So Much To Write About

There is infinite value in a good therapist. Since losing my position last week my depression has become harder and harder to keep tapped down. Depression isn’t something that ever just goes away. It’s something that you learn to control through changes to your thinking and to your lifestyle (and also the application of some good […]