When Snow Falls in November

It’s snowing in Allen Park, MI in November. Not a completely unheard of event, but it’s strange to see white powder on the ground while there are still some lingering dead-brown leaves on the trees.  It was snowing seven years ago on this day, too, the day my older daughter Dawn was born. I remember […]

Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth (2014 Edition)

A year ago I wrote a post called “Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth.” It was my narrative of the day I came out, fully and completely, to my then-wife. [It was also, truth be told, the day that I first admitted to myself that I was probably more than just a […]


My ex-wife remarried yesterday. I’m happy for her, but I definitely have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, she’s happy. She’s moving on. He’s a decent guy (kind of boring, really) and I have no problems trusting my kids with him. My ex is more financially stable now. She’s happy and she’s moving […]

Finality, Finally

I have been so distracted from blogging lately that I completely forgot to update you all on a major development in my life: as of December 4th, my divorce from my ex is final, legal, and settled. No further court appearances, no more paperwork, no more legal fees. Done, finished, finIto. I won’t recount the […]

A Little More Authentic

Saturday turned out to be about the best day ever so far in my transition, and I have my ex to thank for it. One thing my ex and I always shared was a love of Christmas. We both really get into the season — decorations, cookies, gift giving, Christmas music, the works. One of […]

Moving On After Marriage

My ex and I were talking last night and it came out that she and her boyfriend had been taking about getting married. They’re not engaged yet — legally she’s still married to me, since the law in Michigan has the requirement that couples with children stay together for six months following the initial divorce […]

Divided Accounts

Amidst everything else going on in my life lately, the divorce proceedings plod on. My ex and I have strove to keep everything amicable, and apart from a few moments of rancor we’ve succeeded. By the time this is over we will likely remain friends, or at least friendly. Today we took was feels, for […]

Looking Down To Camelot

At a recent group therapy session, one of the women suggested that my beard was a safety blanket of sorts– that as long as I had it, I could excuse why I hadn’t “taken the next step” in my transition. As it turned out, she was right. 

Moving Out

Picking up the narrative from the asylum … When Robin picked me up from the mental hospital, I still was not sure where I would be sleeping that night. In my own home, in my own bed? In my own home, but on the couch? In another place entirely?

Notes From The Asylum V

Saturday, Robin crushed my heart. Sunday, I thought for sure I was going to crush my mother’s heart. My parents were in town, and there in the mental hospital I was going to have the conversation I was hoping to have much later and under much better circumstances. It was time to start coming out.