A Statement About My Voice

I had a new episode of Skeptoid release recently, and it’s happened again: I’m getting shitty comments about my voice. I have been misgendered.  I have been told I don’t sound “natural.” I have been compared to one of the Venture Brothers. In short, let’s just say that this week has not been a good […]

The Voice Problem

Even now, so many months into my “full time” transition, I’m conflicted about what I should do about my voice. Here’s the thing: I use my voice in my work A LOT. Heck, I’ve been recording podcasts with it! But while I function just fine in life with the voice I have, I know it’s […]

Voice in Female-To-Male transsexual persons after long-term androgen treatment

Voice in Female-To-Male transsexual persons after long-term androgen treatment A few weeks ago we talked about the transman’s voice. This is just a brief followup on that topic, as a new study has recently been published comparing the voices of transmen after long-term HRT to cismen of comparable age. the result?  After long-term androgen therapy […]

Eva Breathe & Eva Pitch Review

Eva Voice Apps are something new: voice tools for your smartphone. As far as I’m aware, these are the first apps of their kind to hit the App Store. But at $4.99 an app, are they worth picking up? These apps are a product of Kathe Perez and Exceptional Voice Inc., the “big name” in […]

How Testosterone Effects the Transman’s Voice

Transwomen tend to look at transmen with some envy, for while estrogen does nothing to improve the quality of the female voice, testosterone can effect significant and permanent changes to the voice of the transman. But what happens, specifically?  It’s really just Biology 101 for anyone who knows what boys go through during puberty. Testosterone […]

An Overview of Surgical Techniques for Voice Feminization

A common view among transgender therapists, surgeons, and other “support” types, is that voice feminization surgery is a bad idea. They are dangerous; they are ineffective; they could scar the vocal cords; they could make your voice worse instead of better. I have yet to encounter anyone in real life who has had the surgery […]

Transsexual Self-Evaluation Questionnaire will help women find their voices

Transsexual Self-Evaluation Questionnaire will help women find their voices A group in Australia is developing a tool to more effectively help transwomen find their true voices.  As voice is a salient factor in perceptions of gender, a gender nonconforming voice not only places the individual at risk of feelings of inadequacy but also holds the […]

How Intonation Helps Transwomen Read as Female

How Intonation Helps Transwomen Read as Female A new study in the Journal of Voice has taken a look at the ways which intonation in the voice affects perceptions of gender in the listener. “Intonation and gender perception: Applications for transgender speakers” began with groups of cismale, cisfemale, transmale, and transfemale participants. Each participant was […]

Transgender Voice Week

I’m going to try something new this week: a week of themed articles. Each day, I will post a link to and discussion of some study or publication pertaining to the week’s topic. This will make each article a little shorter and easier to share.  This week’s topic is going to be Transgender Voice. The […]

Finding a Female Voice

One thing I’ve noticed in my time in the transgender community is that there seems to be two kinds of transwomen: those who try to sound feminine and those who don’t seem to put much (or any) effort into changing their voice. I have met women who have had the works — GRS, BA, FFS […]