The Miami Herald Interviews a Swedish GRS Specialist

“Transgender medical procedures often complicated and expensive, says surgeon at Hollywood meeting.” The Miami Herald has conducted an interview with Dr. Genaro Selvaggi, a Swedish plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment surgery. It’s an interesting read that provides one professional’s perspective on the community and the surgeries they sometimes seek out. WARNING: Not for […]

CDC Reverses Discriminatory Breast Cancer Screening Rule for Trans People

CDC Reverses Discriminatory Breast Cancer Screening Rule for Trans People The CDC releases updated guidelines, clarifying a policy that had been used to discriminate against transgender women. I’m a little behind on some news stories because of the holidays, but this was an interesting one worth sharing: policy changes that allow for free breast cancer […]

Should Transwomen Cycle Estrogen?

There’s a persistent belief among transwomen that cycling HRT, usually with some sort of “three weeks on, one week off” cycle, may benefit the transition process. The reasoning usually offered is making the observation that ciswomen’s hormone levels go up and down with the menstrual cycle. If the transwoman mimics the ciswoman’s cycle, wouldn’t her body […]

An Overview of Surgical Techniques for Voice Feminization

A common view among transgender therapists, surgeons, and other “support” types, is that voice feminization surgery is a bad idea. They are dangerous; they are ineffective; they could scar the vocal cords; they could make your voice worse instead of better. I have yet to encounter anyone in real life who has had the surgery […]

How Intonation Helps Transwomen Read as Female

How Intonation Helps Transwomen Read as Female A new study in the Journal of Voice has taken a look at the ways which intonation in the voice affects perceptions of gender in the listener. “Intonation and gender perception: Applications for transgender speakers” began with groups of cismale, cisfemale, transmale, and transfemale participants. Each participant was […]

Is Altered BDNF a Biochemical Contributor to Gender Dysphoria?

One of the most interesting parts of transgender science is the continuing search for an identifiable biological cause of gender dysphoria. Is transgender a case of nature or nurture? Is it in our brain, or just in our mind?  A couple of publications coming out this month debate one such possible cause: altered levels of brain-derived […]

What’s Your Take On Self-Medicating HRT?

I’d love to hear the opinions of the trans community on self-medicating. Given the risks, is self-medicating HRT a good idea? Would you consider self-medicating (or have you)? Does the “medical firewall” between transfolk and HRT (lack of insurance coverage, WPATH Standards, gatekeeping) encourage this potentially dangerous practice? 

Why Transfolk Should Not Self-Medicate HRT

One of the common things one encounters in the transgender community is self-administration of HRT, most often nowadays obtained via online pharmacy. And it’s totally understandable why some transfolk would choose this route. Going through normal psychological and physiological medical channels to obtain HRT is time-consuming and expensive under the best of circumstances; and since […]

Does A Specific Hormone Regimen Impact MtF Breast Development?

Does A Specific Hormone Regimen Impact MtF Breast Development? I was doing a PubMed dive today and I came across this study from last December that explores the question: do different hormone regimens cause better or worse breast development in transwomen? It’s a fair question. Just like two types of pain reliever don’t treat a […]

Metastatic prostate cancer in transsexual patient – PubMed

Metastatic prostate cancer in transsexual patient – PubMed We report a case of a male-to-female transgender woman who was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, 31 years post-feminization. What is it lately with the journals and reports of cancer in trans patients? This is the third one in a month!  This one’s actually interesting, from a […]