Go Read This M:tG Story

I do not read Magic: the Gathering fiction normally. I don’t know who the Mardu are, I’ve never learned of the naming rituals of orcs, and I have no idea why the  brood of the Kolaghan is on the attack. But I do know good fiction when I read it, and the M:tG short story “The Truth of Names” […]

Should Transwomen Cycle Estrogen?

There’s a persistent belief among transwomen that cycling HRT, usually with some sort of “three weeks on, one week off” cycle, may benefit the transition process. The reasoning usually offered is making the observation that ciswomen’s hormone levels go up and down with the menstrual cycle. If the transwoman mimics the ciswoman’s cycle, wouldn’t her body […]

What’s Your Take On Self-Medicating HRT?

I’d love to hear the opinions of the trans community on self-medicating. Given the risks, is self-medicating HRT a good idea? Would you consider self-medicating (or have you)? Does the “medical firewall” between transfolk and HRT (lack of insurance coverage, WPATH Standards, gatekeeping) encourage this potentially dangerous practice? 

Drinking Spearmint Tea … For Science!

So for shits and giggles, I went out and bought some spearmint tea after posting that last article about alternative anti-androgens. Not because I think it will help, but because it can’t hurt, can it?  Besides, there’s at least a little evidence that it has a biological effect, at least in a certain use case. […]

An Update on Plant Derived Anti-Androgens – International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

An Update on Plant Derived Anti-Androgens – International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism We provide an overview and discussion of the use of anti-androgen medications in clinical practice and explore the increasing recognition of the benefits of plant-derived anti-androgens, for example, spearmint tea in the management of PCOS, for which some evidence about efficacy is […]

Transgender Nonprescribed Hormone Use and Self-Surguries — PubMed

Transgender Nonprescribed Hormone Use and Self-Surguries — PubMed An estimated 43.0% (95% confidence interval = 34.9, 51.5) of trans Ontarians were currently using hormones; of these, a quarter had ever obtained hormones from nonmedical sources (e.g., friend or relative, street or strangers, Internet pharmacy, herbals or supplements). Fourteen participants (6.4%; 95% confidence interval = 0.8, 9.0) reported currently taking […]

Phantom Genetalia After SRS?

Phantom Genetalia After SRS? Have you ever encountered a question that you didn’t even think to ask, but once you did you found the answer fascinating? That was me with this article. Worth a read (and free online)! I’d like to know the experience of any transfolk out there who have, or haven’t, encountered this.

Whtever Happened to the “Transsexual Gene”?

In late 2008 there was a media hubbub over a study that supposedly discovered the “transsexualism gene.” I remember reading about it at the time but not really caring too much, as I wasn’t then identifying as trans*, let along thinking of myself as a transwoman. [I had a long period of denial.] Now that […]

Why Does Transgender Science Matter?

I don’t mean for the title to sound pretentious. I don’t mean why does Transgender Science, my little blog here, matter; I mean why does transgender science, the systematic study of the biological and psychological realities of transgender persons, matter? Simply put, it’s because of assholes like Walt Heyer, who runs the disingenuously named Sex Change Info […]