Dum Dum Dum, Dummy Doo Wah

My weekly therapy session with Nancy this week ended up being mostly about companionship — that is, my lack of it and my desire for it. I can’t say that the conversation left me in an optimistic mood. This all came up in session because I mentioned that I was lonely. Which is am. It’s […]

So Much To Write About

There is infinite value in a good therapist. Since losing my position last week my depression has become harder and harder to keep tapped down. Depression isn’t something that ever just goes away. It’s something that you learn to control through changes to your thinking and to your lifestyle (and also the application of some good […]

And Now It’s Time for a Breakdown

Tuesday was not a good day. Tuesday was supposed to be a great day. The second Tuesday of every month is the one day that I most get to be my Self. I get off work early, go home to change, and head out to Ann Arbor to spend the entire evening with my support […]

On Tom, Who Up and Vanished

Friday, I took the day off of work so that I could attend to two appointments: my second laser appointment, and my latest appointment with Tom, the depression therapist I had started seeing after the suicide attempt. Honestly, I was thinking of telling Tom that we were about done. In our time together I have […]

Walking Papers

Hormone therapy can be initiated with a referral from a qualified mental health professional. Alternatively, a health professional who is appropriately trained in behavioral health and competent in the assessment of gender dysphoria may assess eligibility of, prepare, and refer the patient for hormone therapy, particularly in the absence of significant coexisting mental health concerns and when working in the context of a […]

Parental Support Vital For Trans Youth – PubMed

Parental Support Vital For Trans Youth – PubMed Here’s one for the “no brainer” file: a study of transgender youth has found that when kids have supportive parents, they experience “higher life satisfaction, lower perceived burden of being transgender, and fewer depressive symptoms.” Or put more plainly: when parents support a transgender youth, they are […]

The Therapist-Patient Privilege

The Therapist-Patient Privilege transpeoplearecool: This breaks down the exceptions of what information is privileged with a therapist.  I don’t believe being trans* falls under any of those categories. While it may vary by state, your information is between you and your therapist unless there is a law being broken or someone is endangered. As long […]

A Busy Saturday

I am so frustrated. I have a blog post I want to finish, but life won’t let me! What a busy few days it’s been. Work is getting into the busy weeks and I am grading, grading, grading! This was also one of my “hat trick” therapy weeks (group therapy, gender therapy, general therapy). Meanwhile, the […]

The Transmigration of Alison Edwards

Kira Moore of Kira Moore’s Closet posted a very thoughtful response to my last post. You should all go and read it before reading any further. The truth is that as a blogger I’m a bit of a sycophant. I need readers in order to be motivated to write and I thrive when I know […]

Transgender vs. Crossdresser

During my therapy session today, Nancy (my excellent gender therapist) asked me an important question: “Where do you think the boundary is between being transgender and being a crossdresser?” It’s a fair question, and honestly it put into concrete words some funky doubts I’d been having in my own mind over the past week. Doubts […]