Some Interesting People (W101)

It’s week two of this blogging challenge! I was going to write a trans-centric “update” sort of post this weekend, but just lost track of the time. It has been my goal to make these posts appropriate to the theme of the blog whenever possible. So here goes … June 9, 2014 — Who’s the most […]

A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

After going a month without a group meeting, Erica convinced me to venture out to the general trans support group that took place on the U of M campus. This was different than Cecelia’s small meeting; it wasn’t therapist-run, and it was a mixed meeting — not just MtF, but also FtM and anyone in […]

And Now It’s Time for a Breakdown

Tuesday was not a good day. Tuesday was supposed to be a great day. The second Tuesday of every month is the one day that I most get to be my Self. I get off work early, go home to change, and head out to Ann Arbor to spend the entire evening with my support […]

University of Michigan Health Services Comprehensive Gender Services Program

I’ve actively worked to keep this blog as anonymous as possible, out of some fear that someone I know might discover it, or that someone I don’t know might use information from the blog to try and discover me. But as I’m working towards being more open about my transition in my life, it seems […]

Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

So, that was sort of anticlimactic. I went into yesterday dreading what I had to do: tell two men about my transgender status. As it turns out, things went pretty okay. I know that spoils the end of the story, but it didn’t feel like an ending worth building up to. Things went fine. If […]

Aw, Man!

Today is not a day I’m looking forward to. In fact, I’m kind of dreading it. The reason? Today is the day that I tell two men about my transgender status.

My Three Therapists

[I have been told to find little victories to combat the depression. Writing this blog post is one of them.] Last week was an interesting week for me. After a couple of frustrating weeks where I couldn’t get in to see a doctor of any kind, or even get them to call me back, last […]

In Which Ali Gives Up Her Seat At The Table

As promised, here’s what happened last night … It was, as I noted before, a group session. It was a well-established group, too, run by a local gender therapist and featuring her long-term clients (of which Erin was one). They knew each other’s lives and stories. By contrast, I was the outsider, the intruder into […]

My Marriage Is Over

Last night, my wife and I ended our marriage. We didn’t have a fight, she didn’t take the kids and leave, I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight. But as part of a frank conversation, she told me that she did not see a way for us to “fix” our marriage and I, reluctantly, agreed. […]

You Don’t Belong

You may have detected in my posts recently a desire to be part of a group. This isn’t a new development for me. I’ve always been a social loner, the kind who’s on the outside looking in even with groups I’d call “friends”; I don’t like opening myself up to people, yet I crave a […]