New Skeptoid Episode: Cattle Mutilations

Just a quick update this time, to let you all know that a new episode of Skeptoid dropped this week with my name on it. It’s about Cattle Mutilations, and it’s the fourth of my eight guest turns for the show. I’m pleased with the new episode. I think I’ve finally found a good balance […]

A Statement About My Voice

I had a new episode of Skeptoid release recently, and it’s happened again: I’m getting shitty comments about my voice. I have been misgendered.  I have been told I don’t sound “natural.” I have been compared to one of the Venture Brothers. In short, let’s just say that this week has not been a good […]

Today on Skeptoid …

So it’s finally out, and so I’m finally free to say something about it: I have taken on a contract job to write and produce some episodes of the Skeptoid podcast. Not every week — more like every six weeks or so — but I’m still excited to become a part of a podcast I’ve […]

Skeptoid Blog: The Christmas That Never Was

When Did Christmas Become So Commercial?/ I am particularly happy with the piece I wrote this week for Skeptoid. Well, technically only partially wrote for Skeptoid. The truth is that this article has been in my draft file for a couple years now. Every Christmas I’d write it, realize I had nowhere meaningful to publish it, and […]

Diet Debate

So, what have I been writing lately? I have, in fact, been in a weeks-long conversation with some commenters over at the Skeptoid Blog. It started when I wrote an article about fad diets; and it has culminated in my detailing my own weight loss plan. Here are the three posts involved, if you’re interested: […]

Skeptoid: ‘Tis the Season for Ghost Stories

I was so busy last week that I forgot to put up my usual link to the Skeptoid article. But seeing as how this is Devil’s Night, and the theme of my post was ghost stories, today seems like as good a day as any to rectify that error. Happy Halloween everyone!

Ali on AppSaga

I swear, if my real-life transition would go as well as my online transition seems to be going, I’d have nothing to complain about. This week, I have begun writing under my real name for the newly relaunched website AppSaga. I will be writing reviews of iOS apps, mostly games, on a semi-regular basis (probably […]

Skeptoid: Media Reporting and the New BPA Scare

I won’t lie; this isn’t my favorite Skeptoid article I’ve ever written. But it’s there all the same, and you should read it so that my article gets the site hit and I feel better about it. 🙂

Skeptoid: All GMOs Are Not Created Equal

My weekly Skeptoid article is up. This week, I address something that really irritates me: the tendency for skeptics to buy into the anti-GMO activist view that all GMOs are the same, and all are equally dangerous. Enjoy!

Skeptoid: Can I Wish Myself A Quantum Vagina?

Another week, another post over at Skeptoid. It’s a doozey: a website that claims that transgender people can change their sex with quantum physics! Check it out over at the Skeptoid blog.