Transsexuals Have Hormones On The Brain

One of the most common things I’ve read in various transition stories is how, after starting hormone replacement therapy [HRT], the man or woman in question began to think differently. “It rewired my mind”; “It made me think like a woman”; “It brought me clarity I didn’t have before.” These are not unexpected experiences, since hormones essentially […]

Transsexual Brains Are Different

So, I got on a “brain” kick recently. It started with the question, “How is HRT going to affect my brain?” But I realized that before I could even look at that question, I had to find the answer to another question first: Are the brains of transgender people different than those of cispeople? I’ve […]

What I’m Reading: Jenny Finney Boylan, and Science!

I need to stop letting so many days go by between posts. Interest seems to wane so fast on the Internet! So, a less labor-intensive post today. 🙂 After posting about Jenny Finney Boylan the other day, I went ahead and ordered a used copy of her first book, She’s Not There: A Life In […]


One of my better qualities, IMO, is that I am a skeptic. I like science, I trust the scientific method, and I require claims to be backed up by good science before I will accept them. So I have been trying to sort out the science of transgender/transsexual recently. And my conclusion is: there’s no […]