New Skeptoid Episode: Cattle Mutilations

Just a quick update this time, to let you all know that a new episode of Skeptoid dropped this week with my name on it. It’s about Cattle Mutilations, and it’s the fourth of my eight guest turns for the show. I’m pleased with the new episode. I think I’ve finally found a good balance […]

HRT One Year Later

On November 18, 2013 I took my first dose of hormone replacement therapy. Now it’s one year later and I can hardly believe it’s been so long. On a day to day basis it is NOT that big of a deal. Except that it is, because I’m 100% certain that I’m thinking better and being […]

Phytoestrogens and Transgender HRT

It is not uncommon in spaces where trans women congregate online to find some women talking about phytoestrogens as a possible alternative to or additive to standard hormone replacement therapy, especially for those who are attempting self-medication or those who favor alternative medicines. Anecdotally, some women claim to have had success with phytoestrogens in terms […]

An Update on Transgender Science

I’ve gotten a few messages asking what’s up with this blog in the last month or so — only a few posts, and those mostly responses to Tumblr asks. Here’s a quick update. Moving this site to its own blog was part of a move to change the nature of the content into fewer, longer […]

TransAdvocate Dissects the CrossFit Case

Chloie Jönnson would be eligible to compete in any Olympic women’s sport, arguably one of the most prominent and tightly-policed athletic competitions in the world, as well as any NCAA women’s sport- were she a student. Given that these organizations, both under considerably higher scrutiny for fairness than a commercial group like CrossFit, allow trans […]

Do Coexisting Mental Conditions Prevent Gender Transition?

Asked recently on Tumblr: Hi, I am asking a question as a friend of someone who identifies as transgender. I’m trying to do some research concerning what is needed for transition, but I’ve been having problems because most of the information I find concerns transgender individuals who do not have certain disabilities. I’m talking about […]

HRT, Month Three: >crickets

Warning — This post contains TMI. First, an update from my last post: My father passed the cardiopulmonary stress test and was cleared to begin chemotherapy. He’s already had his first doses. Things are finally turning around on that front. Phew! Meanwhile, I continue to vow to log my monthly experiences with HRT, at least […]

Can You Help In Creating a Science-Based Transgender FAQ?

There are plenty of great “transgender basics” FAQs and pamphlets out there for sharing with friends and family, or to serve as resources for basic Internet searches, but they primarily focus on the social aspects of trans, on questions of identity and pronouns, etc. I’ve got it into my head that some sort of science-based […]

Recent Publications on Transgender Youth

There have been a fair number of studies in the primary literature recently that have looked at transgender youth and their experiences. Below is a partial list of the most interesting from the last month or so, along with links to the PubMed abstracts (or the article, if it’s accessible online). Clark, T.C., et al. […]

Another Journal Article Calls For Improved Trans Healthcare

Stroumsa, D.  (2014). The state of transgender health care: Policy, law, and medical frameworks. American Journal of Public Health. e-View Ahead of Print.  There has been a bit of a windfall recently of articles examining the state of transgender healthcare and services in the United States and finding them lacking. The latest is by Daphna […]