Why I Voted for Bernie Sanders Today

Soon after I post this, I will be off to my polling place to vote in the primary for my state (Michigan). I’m a lifelong Democratic voter and I will be continuing that trend this primary season. My party has two strong, likable candidates, either of which would make a good president and both of […]

The Transgender Community as News of the Weird

I woke up this morning to see yet another transgender person in the news. This time, it’s the German transman who gave birth to a baby.¬†While I wish the happy dad good luck with his child, I am a little dispirited to see the story. It’s the kind of story that is making the rounds […]

Michellelianna: Is Trans Activism Even Useful?

Rather than write anything at length today, I’m going to instead direct you to go and read this excellent post by Michellelianna, where Michelle expresses some reservations she has about the politically active trans movement. I’ve mentioned in this blog before some of my own feelings about trans activism, feminism, and other “social awareness” issues […]

Walt Heyer, the Fallacious Transsexual

Part of the genesis of the idea for my “Science!” articles came from a blog I stumbled across a couple months back: Sex Change Info, a disingenuously named anti-trans blog run by a man named Walt Heyer where individual studies on transgender topics are waived about as proof that transgender is nothing more than a […]

Are You Hip With Cis?

Until a few months ago, I’d never even heard the prefix cis- outside of a chemistry textbook. Now I have been called out more than once for using it in the last few weeks. I admit that I don’t find it to be a particularly elegant or natural prefix. Regardless, I have slipped¬†cis into my […]

Growing Transgender Rights Movement?

I am only in the early stages of my coming out as a transgender woman — it still feels weird sometimes to even refer to myself as a transgender woman — and so I don’t yet always feel the connection to “the community” that some other women do. For example, I have started to follow […]

I Have A Lot To Learn About Transgender Politics

In terms of politics, I’ve always been a pretty forward-thinker. Call me a Democrat, a progressive, a liberal, a Leftie, whatever you like. I’ve always prided myself on being fairly aware and educated on politics, not to mention on the right side of most issues. I read the newspaper; I follow elections; I can name […]