What I Saw at the Park While Playing Pokemon GO

Thursday¬†was a beautiful day in my area, and I had the afternoon off. And like many people in my area lately, I chose to use some of my afternoon off not sitting at home playing Overwatch, or binging Netflix, or folding laundry, or taking a nap. Instead, I arranged to meet up with a friend […]

Why I Voted for Bernie Sanders Today

Soon after I post this, I will be off to my polling place to vote in the primary for my state (Michigan). I’m a lifelong Democratic voter and I will be continuing that trend this primary season. My party has two strong, likable candidates, either of which would make a good president and both of […]

Transgender in a Genderless Society

In comments sections of news articles about transgender people and issues, I often see a question come up. If society didn’t have gender roles, would transgender people still feel transgender? Often this question is asked as a subtle way of implying that transgender is a mental illness and not a medical condition — in other […]