Rewriting the Plot

The last few months have been harried. My schedule, such as it is, has been chaotic. Meaningful full-time employment continues to elude me (there are too many English majors and not enough jobs out there) leaving me working long hours of brain-numbing underemployment, and writing time continues to suffer as a result. My diet is […]

B201: Week One Tasks

I thought it best to relegate my Blogging 201 posts to weekly-ish summaries, rather than to post every day about the process. B201 isn’t like B101, where every day was a post; B201 is as much about what’s going on behind the scenes as it is what’s going on in front of them. So prepare […]

B201: What is My Brand?

So today’s Blogging 201 was an interesting one (I’m writing this at midnight, so “today” was technically yesterday, but hey, I get it done when I have the time). Today’s assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog, and make sure they’re consistent, focused, and say what […]

B201 Day One: Three Goals

Okay, time for the first challenge! Today, the Blogging 201 requirement is to set three long-term goals for my blog and (if daring) to post the goals publicly. I can do that. The post starts of by offering two thinking questions: Why do I blog, and what do I want this blog to be? Okay […]

Starting Today: Blogging 201

Earlier this year I engaged in an activity called Blogging 101. It resulted in some random, unrelated-to-this-blog posts, and it ended abruptly when I lost my job. However, the time I spent doing it was fun, and I didn’t feel ending early was a loss for me since finding a focus for this blog and […]

The State of Things, October 2014

Ick. I feel so unmotivated when I go a week without writing anything for this blog. Unfortunately, I find that I write more when things go wrong, and life is pretty okay right now. On a personal level, I’m feeling really good. I’m genuinely happy, something I wasn’t able to say for 38 years of […]

At a Loss (W101)

I must admit that today’s prompt feels like a bust for me. June 5, 2014: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more. Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series. I am at a loss about what to write. I mean, I […]

New Facebook Stream

I am trying to, at least a little bit, declutter my scattered social media presence, and to separate private and public functions. As part of this, I have created a Page for my writing on Facebook. If you’re at all interested in following new posts from my various writing ventures, that’s the place to Like. […]

In Which I Roll for Damage

Hey all. Quick update today to make you aware of my other blog, Ali Rolls for Damage.This is the blog I have maintained for many years in many forms, most recently with a highly active blogging period between January 2012 and about April 2013. It’s a blog about gaming, and specifically Dungeons & Dragons. While […]

Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth (2014 Edition)

A year ago I wrote a post called “Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth.” It was my narrative of the day I came out, fully and completely, to my then-wife. [It was also, truth be told, the day that I first admitted to myself that I was probably more than just a […]