Recent Publications on Transgender Youth

There have been a fair number of studies in the primary literature recently that have looked at transgender youth and their experiences. Below is a partial list of the most interesting from the last month or so, along with links to the PubMed abstracts (or the article, if it’s accessible online). Clark, T.C., et al. […]

queerwoc: Did you know? Prom is coming up! And you have a right to express your gender identity. Your school may be violating the law if it doesn’t allow a female student to wear a tuxedo or a male student to wear a dress.

LGBTQQ Youths’ Perspectives of School-Based Sex Ed — PubMed

LGBTQQ Youths’ Perspectives of School-Based Sex Ed — PubMed Here’s one that’s sure to warm the cockles of the conservative tea partiers out there.  Results indicate that LGBTQ youth perceive current sexuality education as primarily “exclusive,” although examples of “inclusive” sexuality education were provided. In addition, participants provided suggestions for creating a more inclusive experience, […]

Russian Ignorance of LGBT Science

Russian Ignorance of LGBT Science Late last week, a truly reprehensible video starting going viral on the Internet. Originally posted by a Russian hate site, the video began to go viral when it hit YouTube. Thankfully, YouTube pull… I did a write-up about Russia’s LGBT science ignorance over at the Skeptoid blog. It’s not new […]

Skeptoid: Russian Science Ignorance

It’s Thursday, and time for another post over at the Skeptoid blog! Today I let my transness leak into my skepticism, as I really wanted to say something over there about the vile way Russians treat LGBTQ folk. I tell, you, the Ali side grows stronger with every article. Soon, she will be unstoppable! BWA-HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! […]

How Russia’€™s science of sex threatens gays — Washington Post

How Russia’€™s science of sex threatens gays — Washington Post The Washington Post has a good write-up of the state of LGBT afairs in Russia of late.  Gay couples cannot adopt, nor can anyone from a country where same-sex marriage is legal adopt a Russian child. A new law banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” makes […]

I Have A Lot To Learn About Transgender Politics

In terms of politics, I’ve always been a pretty forward-thinker. Call me a Democrat, a progressive, a liberal, a Leftie, whatever you like. I’ve always prided myself on being fairly aware and educated on politics, not to mention on the right side of most issues. I read the newspaper; I follow elections; I can name […]

I’ve Been Outed

I am not having a good day. Thanks only to an errant text message I happened to see on my wife’s phone, I have learned that she has outed me to her best friend … and that her best friend has subsequently told her husband. I have lost control of this secret. It’s out of […]

You Don’t Belong

You may have detected in my posts recently a desire to be part of a group. This isn’t a new development for me. I’ve always been a social loner, the kind who’s on the outside looking in even with groups I’d call “friends”; I don’t like opening myself up to people, yet I crave a […]

Kindred Spirit

After telling the last of my secrets to my wife late last week, she encouraged me to reach out to one of the people I’d been in contact with in the local support group. Even though there wasn’t an actual meeting the following weekend, she said, they might be willing to meet and talk over […]