Go Read This M:tG Story

I do not read Magic: the Gathering fiction normally. I don’t know who the Mardu are, I’ve never learned of the naming rituals of orcs, and I have no idea why the  brood of the Kolaghan is on the attack. But I do know good fiction when I read it, and the M:tG short story “The Truth of Names” […]

Anything’s Better Than All Alone (Story)

Something a little different today. I’m trying to motivate myself to finish a collection of short fiction, most likely to be sold via Amazon, and I have been doing a lot of story polishing lately. I have also been trying to play around with PDF formats and ePub and such, and I wanted to see […]

Intersectionality (W101)

Still playing catch-up on the Writing 101 thing. Honestly, I may skip Wednesday’s prompt, as it’s an old trope of creative writing classes that I’ve probably done a half dozen times before and I don’t feel that it would challenge me in any meaningful way to write. But Thursday’s prompt is a fun one; albeit […]