The Ali Edwards Diet (Redux)

Towards the end of 2013, when I was in the thick of my last successful round of weight loss, I was blogging for Skeptoid (my favorite podcast, by the way, and if you’re not listening to it, you should be). As part of my blogging there that year, I wrote about the diet plan I was on at the time. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I called it “The Ali Edwards Diet” (Edwards being the pseudonym I was writing under at the time).

It was meant to be a skeptical counterpoint to most fad diets, with their prescriptive and restrictive approaches to weight loss. And it basically laid out what I was doing at the time, what was working out so well for me … and continued to work well until I fell out of my good habits and started emotionally eating again.

Since I’m trying to rebuild those atrophied habits again, I wanted to go back an re-examine what I wrote then, and repurpose it for 2020.

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