March Update

Wow. Where did February go? Can’t believe it’s March 1 already, nor that I didn’t post a thing here for almost the entire month. The first part of 2015 will definitely not go down in my personal record books as one of the best times of my life. Money/employment continues to be a huge struggle, […]

Becoming a Statistic

I am scattered this week. I can’t focus on writing, or really on anything. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I just didn’t get to it. I am feeling the crush of becoming a statistic. In 2009, the NCTE found that transgender people suffer twice the rate of unemployment as cisgender people. […]

Ali Finds Her Self

Monday was possibly the best day of my life. And here’s the funny thing: it wasn’t even very atypical. And that was the glory of it. It was in fact the total opposite of atypical. I woke up; I did some writing; I got ready for my first day of work; I headed to campus […]

What is the Teacher’s Name?

I am getting nervous about tomorrow. It is my first day in front on a classroom since leaving my old school and my first day in front of a classroom as myself. I need this job and I need this┬ámoment. I have a lot riding on the hour and forty minutes I spend in front […]

Once More Unto the Jobs Thing

I’m a teacher again. Me. Not Him, but Alison. Authentically! I have my friend Steve to thank. He’s the one who mentioned me to the associate dean at a local community college and explained my issue with the name and the transcripts and such. He’s the one that she told the name incongruency wouldn’t be […]

The Jobs Thing, Again

Having resolved my inner conflict over whether or not to sacrifice my identity for the sake of work, I have begun sending out applications. I have decided that the best approach is to just own the discrepancy and to offer a quick explanation that smooths it out without over-sharing. There’s two parts to this approach. […]

More Thoughts on Jobs

Follow-up to the last post: my copy of my college transcripts turned out to not be in the file drawer where they were supposed to be. So, I have had to ask the university to mail me new ones. Thus no jobs applied for, and with the school semester starting this week and next, likely […]

Job Hunting While Transgender

Returning from Gen Con meant a return to reality, and that meant thinking about teaching again. Granted, I still have money left from my severance; but (a) it’s not as much as should have been because it was taxed as “bonus” pay not salary, and (b) it will run out by December in any case, […]