Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth (2014 Edition)

A year ago I wrote a post called “Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth.” It was my narrative of the day I came out, fully and completely, to my then-wife. [It was also, truth be told, the day that I first admitted to myself that I was probably more than just a […]

No, I’m Not Dressing As A Woman For Halloween

Ever since I was a about twelve, I have resisted the urge every year to go out on Halloween dressed as a woman. The idea was planted in me sometime in middle school when a neighbor boy did just that — dressed as a girl to trick-or-treat. His was a goofy caricature of a girl […]

Back Then …

Sometimes going back to my normal life feels like “not me” anymore. Actually, it began feeling like “not me” the minute I became honest with myself. I don’t change who I am when I’m “him-me”. I’m just grumpy that I have to distinguish me from “not me”. And before anyone starts armchair-Freuding me — no, […]

Beginner’s Tip: Halloween Shops

I haven’t done one of these “Beginner’s Tips” things in awhile. And actually, the last time I was doing them, I think it was strictly from a “beginning crossdressers” perspective. But I suppose this could be extended to anyone just starting out on their gender exploration. What prompted me to write one again is this: […]

On the Next Episode of Hoarders

I have too many clothes! Ever since I discovered the Salvation Army 5 for 5 sales a few months ago, I have been a regular weekly shopper. There’s something compelling about the treasure hunt that is Salvation Army, especially when those treasures come at a buck an item. Sure, I don’t buy everything for a […]

Enter the Electrologist

Last weekend I was finally able to take a step I’ve been wanting to do for a couple months now: I visited an electrologist. There are a large number of electrologists in my area, but despite that they are surprisingly hard to get service from. So many of them are small salons or even home-based […]

The Transmigration of Alison Edwards

Kira Moore of Kira Moore’s Closet posted a very thoughtful response to my last post. You should all go and read it before reading any further. The truth is that as a blogger I’m a bit of a sycophant. I need readers in order to be motivated to write and I thrive when I know […]

Transgender vs. Crossdresser

During my therapy session today, Nancy (my excellent gender therapist) asked me an important question: “Where do you think the boundary is between being transgender and being a crossdresser?” It’s a fair question, and honestly it put into concrete words some funky doubts I’d been having in my own mind over the past week. Doubts […]

Ali Gets Some Shoes

As a transwoman with large feet, buying shoes can be a frustrating task. I size into a 12 or 13W in men’s shoes, depending on the brand — actually, a shoe salesperson once told me I should be wearing 12.5W, but no one makes half-sizes anymore. Even in the men’s department my shopping choices are […]

Follow This: One Week As XX

I saw something come over my site alerts, which led me to a new blog, which led me to post this. The blog is called One Week as XX ~ A Research Project. It’s the progress blog of a straight male who has decided, as an experiment, to live for a week as a woman. […]