Poking around the edges of Project 333

Over the weekend, I decided to pour my midlife makeover energies into my closet — not for a KonMari deep purge, but instead with an eye towards trying Project 333.

For those not familiar, Project 333 is a sort of extreme capsule wardrobe challenge. Select 33 wearable items, including clothes, coats, shoes, and jewelry (underwear, lounge wear, workout gear don’t count), and wear only those 33 items for 3 months. The idea is that leaning into only 33 items will force you into selecting only the things you like, and only the more functional, fashionable stuff in your closet. Then, in three months, you can adjust your capsule for new pieces or changing weather, and also consider if all that stuff you boxed away for three months is still even worth keeping.

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