Ali’s First Christmas

It’s my first Christmas as Alison, and in many ways I have never been happier. The blog has died down in recent weeks, but I’m not stressing about it. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, both over at Wattpad and in a private writing group where I’m blazing on a novel. It feels good. […]

Tara Sue

About a decade ago, my brother-in-law loaned me his copy of City of Heroes. At the time I was craving an MMORPG but didn’t feel that I had the time to invest in World of Warcraft. CoH seemed like a good choice — it felt more casual to me, and it was in a genre […]

The Voice Problem

Even now, so many months into my “full time” transition, I’m conflicted about what I should do about my voice. Here’s the thing: I use my voice in my work A LOT. Heck, I’ve been recording podcasts with it! But while I function just fine in life with the voice I have, I know it’s […]

Writing Music: The Visit

Music is an important part of my creative process. I generally only create with something playing in the background. Good music gives the less attentive parts of my mind something to focus on while the rest of me focuses on writing. Really good music can actually inspire and affect the quality and content of my […]

What is an “Ariamythe”?

“What is an ‘ariamythe’?” This question seems to pop up every once in awhile. In fact, I just got asked it again yesterday. While I’m certain I’ve mentioned this on this blog in the past, I thought I’d actually write a fuller response to it, since the name has become my personal little brand name. […]

This is Aliwe’en

So, one week from today I am Ali — officially, legally Ali. I am excited! So excited, in fact, that I wanted to come up with some way to share my excitement with all of you. And I’ve hit upon an awesome idea: Aliwe’en! Short for “Alison’s Awesome Evening,” Aliwe’enĀ  is going to be an […]

The State of Things, October 2014

Ick. I feel so unmotivated when I go a week without writing anything for this blog. Unfortunately, I find that I write more when things go wrong, and life is pretty okay right now. On a personal level, I’m feeling really good. I’m genuinely happy, something I wasn’t able to say for 38 years of […]

Some Thoughts on Transparent Season 1

I have watched all ten episodes of the new Amazon series Transparent, a series built around the story of a trans woman, Maura Pfefferman, coming out to the world. A series just about a woman coming out would be unsustainable in the long run, though, as eventually, Maura’s going to have to become just another […]

Upon Further Consideration

I felt the need to follow up on Thursday’s post, if only to apologize for the poor quality of the writing in that piece. Reading it back irritates me. I’ve been told it’s a good post, so maybe I’m just overly critical, but I worked on that damn thing for three days and I just […]

Transgender at Gen Con: An Operation Gamer Girl Epilogue

A year ago, when I was still pre-HRT, still had a job, and still lived mostly as my old self, I conceived of Operation Gamer Girl, an admittedly silly name for a silly idea that was meant to motivate me to work towards full transition. The plan was simple: attend Gen Con the following year […]