Skeptoid: All GMOs Are Not Created Equal

My weekly Skeptoid article is up. This week, I address something that really irritates me: the tendency for skeptics to buy into the anti-GMO activist view that all GMOs are the same, and all are equally dangerous. Enjoy!

Skeptoid: Can I Wish Myself A Quantum Vagina?

Another week, another post over at Skeptoid. It’s a doozey: a website that claims that transgender people can change their sex with quantum physics! Check it out over at the Skeptoid blog.

Skeptoid: Mantid Season in Michigan

I had to skip last week’s Skeptoid post because Life, but I’m back on track this week. I decided to skip the critiquing pseudoscience thing this week, and instead wrote a little science interest article on the mantids currently flitting about in the Detroit area. Enjoy!    

Skeptoid: Do Cell Phones Disrupt Sleep?

The Skeptoid article is out a day later today, mostly because I was in a meeting all day yesterday. This week: is it time foe me to stop using my iPhone as an alarm clock?

Skeptoid: Detroit’s Mystery Cat

It’s Thursday again, and I’ve published another article over at the Skeptoid blog, Today, the story of Detroit’s “Mystery Cat,” which was in the local headlines this past weekend. Neat fealine, tragic end. Click through and give it a read if you’re interested!

Skeptoid: Russian Science Ignorance

It’s Thursday, and time for another post over at the Skeptoid blog! Today I let my transness leak into my skepticism, as I really wanted to say something over there about the vile way Russians treat LGBTQ folk. I tell, you, the Ali side grows stronger with every article. Soon, she will be unstoppable! BWA-HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! […]

Skeptoid: Time To Give Up Facebook?

Just a quick note that my second weekly Skeptoid article has posted. I am still giddy at the opportunity to be writing as Ali, and as long as I’m giddy I will be sharing these articles here. Is It Time To Give Up Facebook? Please give it a click and a read and, if you’re […]

Ali Becomes a Little More Real

I am now an occasional contributor to the Skeptoid blog. I, as in me, as in Ali Edwards. Not Him. Me! This isn’t as out of the blue as it seems. He had a connection to the Skeptoid blog before; but that connection petered out this year as I’ve been struggling with everything else. So […]

Why Does Transgender Science Matter?

I am cross-posting this from my new Tumblr blog, Transgender Science.  I don’t mean for the title to sound pretentious. I don’t mean why does Transgender Science, my little blog here, matter; I mean why does transgender science, the systematic study of the biological and psychological realities of transgender persons, matter? Simply put, it’s because of assholes […]

Transgender Science

I’ve been enjoying writing the Science! articles that I do here. However, I have found myself avoiding writing them lately, in part because I feel like they require so much effort. It just doesn’t seem to be a worth a whole blog post to write about one study, unless I can say something meaningful or […]