Ali Finds Her Self

Neat Tip Sheet

Sigh. No time to write the last few days. Sorry. But I thought I’d share this: a really helpful tip sheet that the Call Me Meg blog posted yesterday: Feminine Poise Tip Sheet Lots of things on there to practice, practice, practice!

College Bound And Gagged

Here’s another of the rambling, self-analytical posts about where it all went wrong and how crossdressing fits into everything. For chronology and context, see Where did it all begin?, Why Didn’t I Buy Nike?, and My Best Day Ever. As high school ended, my opportunities to dress dried up. Around graduation I started a brief […]

My Best Day Ever

This is the next in a series of posts where I am trying to sort out where it all began and how badly it all went wrong before it got right again. For chronology and context, see Where did it all begin? and Why Didn’t I Buy Nike? By the time I was in high […]

Why Didn’t I Buy Nike?

Alright, folks. I warned you it was coming. I don’t have many readers anyway, and this may start driving them off, but if I’m going to make this blog anything but an honest record of one man’s coming to terms with his crossdressing self, it’s going to happen by showing how it’s never really just […]

Where Did It All Begin?

Trying to distract my mind from wandering down dreary avenues by writing something. So I have been thinking back over the years, trying to identify when all these feelings began. I know that I first crossdressed in high school, but the feelings were older than that. The first memory that sticks with me to this […]