Alison Hudson


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    Ground Rules

    One thing I want to say right off the bat here: I hope to keep this blog classy. I’ve browsed a lot of active CD / TG blog and social network streams lately, and so many of them seem to revolve around panty shots, sexual innuendo, and sissy girl culture. To each their own, of […]

    A Morning Out Of Costume

    So, welcome to my blog-thing. I set it up this morning because I was in a mood. This morning was the first morning that I have allowed myself to be myself from skin to stitches, as it were. I don’t have a lot of female garb, but I was able to piece together three items […]

    My Introduction

    This is an introduction that I posted to the day I joined there. It’s the first time I’d commited any of this to the screen. It is, essentialy, my coming out post. I edited it slightly because I’m anal about my writing. Okay, so I’m here, which is a big step for me. I’m […]

    A little inspiration to begin things

    Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by identifying. —Robert Terwilliger