I have joined the cult of Instant Pot

If there’s one thing both the weight loss bloggers and the frugal mom vloggers can agree on, it is that the Instant Pot is amazing. And you know what? They’re kind of right.

I admit that I am late to the Instant Pot party. I had a more old-school pressure cooker when the Instant Pot first rose to prominence a few years back, that I literally only used for rice, but it was enough excuse for me to hand-waive the idea of getting something new.

I even resisted getting an Instant Pot as it became more and more of a fixture of conversations about weight loss (I have been a constant lurker in weight loss forums, even during the years I was gaining weight). Videos like the one below intrigued me, and once or twice I even tried tasking my old pressure cooker in the Instant Pot role. It just … wasn’t the same. So I hand-waived again, assuming it probably wasn’t as good as everyone was making it out to be, anyways.


Over the just-past holiday season, though, the inevitable happened … I got an Instant Pot. And let me just say that: I was wrong. I’m totally on board with the Instant Pot. Not because the food it makes tastes so much more amazing than what I could make on my stove, but because it makes it really easy to cook without a lot of mess or fuss or time investment. Which is exactly what everyone has been saying for years now, but I can be stubborn sometimes.

Yes, at its heart, the Instant Pot is just a fancy pressure cooker with a marketable brand name. But the changes, small and iterative as they may be, make a big difference when it comes to ease of use, and therefore frequency of use. And so, unlike my old-school pressure cooker, I’m using mine a lot more often, and for more than just rice.

In fact, the Instant Pot landed in my lap at exactly the right time, because it plays into two of my midlife makeover prongs: saving money and losing weight. And the common denominator in both of them is meal prep.


I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about meal prep in the weeks to come — about how meal prep saves money, about how meal prep makes portioning easier, about how meal prep stops me from hitting McDonald’s after a late night at work, about how I have been trying (and failing) to build a good meal prep habit for years. Suffice to say, for now, that with an Instant Pot on the counter, I think I can finally make my meal prep ambitions a reality.

So … know any good Instant Pot recipes? Searching for them on the Internet is like trying to drink from a fire hose, so I would appreciate recommendations. You can leave them in the comments section below, or feel free to drop them on my Facebook page.


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