July 15, 2015

Rewriting the Plot

The last few months have been harried. My schedule, such as it is, has been chaotic. Meaningful full-time employment continues to elude me (there are too many English majors and not enough jobs out there) leaving me working long hours of brain-numbing underemployment, and writing time continues to suffer as a result. My diet is derailed, I’m no longer able to see my gender specialist MD without paying out of pocket, and I have house repairs in need of doing that I don’t have the budget to do. And on top of that, I’m trying to go back to school to make myself more marketable, which brings with it more stress and debt.

I don’t bring all this up to whine, just to say: life sucks sometimes, and when it does, I don’t find the time to blog.

I hope to turn that around in the coming months, as things settle back down into a routine again and the new school year starts. But as I think about picking the blog back up, I find myself casting about for what to write about, and I wonder if there’s still anyone out there reading, anyways. I had a good run with my transition journey, but that’s practically over now; I am living life as myself, I’m happy and whole, and even though there’s surgeries in my future they’re not anything I’m going to experience anytime soon. And beyond transiton, what do I have to say that might make my writing interesting, unique, or worth sharing on social media.

I have some ideas, but I don’t know where they will lead. Should be interesting to explore though. Stay tuned.

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  • I still enjoy reading- even if it has nothing to do with transitioning. Hearing about kids, jobs, life in general are all relatable- hope it gets better soon job wise.

  • You could write about the job hunt. Reading about the kind of jobs you’re searching for might lead to .. a lead on an unlisted job.

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