December 16, 2014

The Trials of Tara Titan

Last week was a bit of a derailing for my writing. I’m back on track though this week, and I have begun writing something I’ve wanted to get serious about for a long time.

Tara_Cover_NewI have tried for years to get a story out of my head. Honestly, there are many stories in there clamoring for attention, but one in particular has been in my heart and in my head since quite literally middle school, where the first seeds of the idea planted themselves. I have tried and failed in the past to tell some part of this story, including a spectacular fail at writing a “Twitter novel” back around 2008. Now, I think that both the idea and my own writing have matured to the point where the story can be told in full

The overarching series concept is called The Touched. Put briefly, it’s my take on a superhero mythology. Emphasis on the mythology, because my superheros derive their super abilities not from mutation or accident or alien intervention, but from the myths and legends of yore. Thor and Wonder Woman are probably the popular heroes closest to what I mean, though my own ideas are a unique take on things — at least, I like to think so. It’s a concept that has slowly consumed a lot of ideas over the years, not to mention a lot of my personal views on the world. The resultant story is so much bigger than I ever expected it to be. It’s daunting to think about telling it all.

There’s plenty to tell about the world of the Touched, but for now I’m just going to sit back and let readers discover it as it comes. The first serial, The Trials of Tara Titan, is already started on Wattpad, which will be my de facto platform for now. By the time this post publishes there will be four parts of Tara Titan’s story online with more to follow soon. Tara’s story is a long one that will probably continue the way comic serials continue, for a long time to come.

A second short serial, tentatively titled Under a Violent Moon, will probably begin just after the new year. That story has a definite end (think like a comic book miniseries). You’ll meet the hero, Leila, along with Tara before UaVM starts.

Suffice to say that any success in this venture boosts my ability to write as a professional. Wattpad books have become published books; Wattpad writers have become bestselling writers. So please, if you like what I do here, click through and read what I’ve written so far. And if you like what you read please follow the story on Wattpad [one more account isn’t going to kill you] and please vote for my story so that it gets more visibility and hopefully readers. Wattpad can be a big boost for the right stories. I think mine can be one of them.

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