November, 2014

    Writing Music: A Very She and Him Christmas

    Happy holidays all! I hope you had a good Thursday, whether or not you celebrate. Widgets For this Friday’s Writing Music, I couldn’t resist choosing a Christmas album. This time of year, I listen to Christmas music almost constantly. It’s a part of all my writing music mixes because it just makes me feel […]

    The Next Step: Surgery

    Now that my social transition is well and truly complete, I have begun to think about the next step in my new life: gender-confirming surgeries. Surgery is a big, expensive, disruptive step, but it’s also an important one. Some sort of surgery is absolutely required in most states before one is allowed to change their […]

    Writing Music: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    Soundtracks are incredible writing music. As music crafted around stories and meant to evoke the narrative itself, a movie soundtrack can evoke emotions, pacing, atmosphere, and climax. I have a lot of movie soundtracks in my collection and some of them frequently make it into my writing music mixes. Widgets In the realm of […]

    When Snow Falls in November

    It’s snowing in Allen Park, MI in November. Not a completely unheard of event, but it’s strange to see white powder on the ground while there are still some lingering dead-brown leaves on the trees.  It was snowing seven years ago on this day, too, the day my older daughter Dawn was born. I remember […]

    HRT One Year Later

    On November 18, 2013 I took my first dose of hormone replacement therapy. Now it’s one year later and I can hardly believe it’s been so long. On a day to day basis it is NOT that big of a deal. Except that it is, because I’m 100% certain that I’m thinking better and being […]

    Writing Music: Jagged Little Pill

    Writing Music is a series of posts where I talk about the music that inspires my creative endeavors. A new post goes up every Friday. Widgets Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill  is an album that I used to love in college, then lost touch with for many years. I’ve returned to it since I […]

    Moving the Trans Narrative Beyond Transition

    A lot of trans people write coming out stories. It’s the standard trans narrative and the one that everyone seems to be interested in reading. Why not give the people what they want, right? Besides, if a trans person is going to tell their story than their transition is an obvious choice because it is […]

    The Voice Problem

    Even now, so many months into my “full time” transition, I’m conflicted about what I should do about my voice. Here’s the thing: I use my voice in my work A LOT. Heck, I’ve been recording podcasts with it! But while I function just fine in life with the voice I have, I know it’s […]

    Writing Music: The Visit

    Music is an important part of my creative process. I generally only create with something playing in the background. Good music gives the less attentive parts of my mind something to focus on while the rest of me focuses on writing. Really good music can actually inspire and affect the quality and content of my […]

    The Process of a Name Change in Michigan

    I felt it would be worth laying out the steps I took for getting my name changed in my home state of Michigan (and specifically Wayne County). By cataloging my experience, I hope to show others how they can expect the experience to play out. I am not a lawyer; just consider this what I’ve […]