October 25, 2014

B201: Week One Tasks

I thought it best to relegate my Blogging 201 posts to weekly-ish summaries, rather than to post every day about the process. B201 isn’t like B101, where every day was a post; B201 is as much about what’s going on behind the scenes as it is what’s going on in front of them. So prepare for a lot of meta thinking below, and if you have any insight, please share it in the Comments.

This week had two major themes: does Ali FInds Her Self look right (which is why the template has been in flux this week) and is it giving people what they want. As part of this, I’ve been looking at my site stats to figure out what posts pop, and when.

I’ve done this before, sort of. Back in February I did a little number crunching and found that my post “Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife the Truth” was my most consistently popular post in the first year of AFHS. Nothing much has changed since that post. “Why Every Crossdresser” continues to perform well, some weeks better than the new posts that week! The follow-up post that also used the same title is now my second more read since its inception. Also consistently popular is the post “Transgender vs. Crossdresser.” There’s a lot of Internet searching out there about crossdressers! Popular search terms bear this out, with various forms of “crossdress” figuring into so many of the top search hits.

This frustrates me a bit, because this is not a trend I can do much with. I am not a crossdresser and I do not think like a crossdresser, and so I don’t know how to keep directing such traffic to AFHS with posts on the topic.

However, I think there’s other things to learn from this. Because the other top post that continues to draw looks is my post “Cyperoterone Acetate vs. Spironolactone,” a post that was eventually spun off into my Transgender Science sub-blog. There’s a lot of interest in these part of HRT treatment. In fact, the TranSci blog stats bear this out as well. That is a popular post, and other posts that mention HRT also get some continuous hits.

Okay, so I have four posts with top hits — in fact, in the last thirty days, there’s a considerable gap between these four posts (“Every Crossdresser”, “Every Crossdresser (2014)”, “Trans vs. CD”, and “Cypro vs. Spiro”) and the views of any other post. What do they all have in common? They are not exclusively personal story posts. It strikes me that they’re getting hits because they are less exclusive to me and touching on shared interests in the larger trans community.

The lesson: I should stop talking about myself so much and relate my own experiences more to larger trans topics.

In considering this, I also noticed that hits on my TransSci blog have flagged. I haven’t posted regularly on it since pulling it off Tumblr in February, and the last post there was in May. And yet, there are posts there that pull hits, and it represents this less personal, more community-interest approach I’m seeing a need for.

Thus, I think it’s time to fold TransSci back into my main blog here. I now see that splitting my attention was a bad idea. I just don’t have the focus to run a bunch of sub-blogs. And since I’m no longer using this blog so much as a personal therapy tool, I feel okay diversifying the content again. I’ll be pulling that blog’s posts back into this blog soon, and I will find a way to sub-categorize those posts for easy searching.

Okay, if you’ve made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me as I thought out loud. I’m not sure how I’m going to use all this yet, but as I work on an editorial calendar for November (another B201 task) I will definitely have to look for ways to capitalize on what I have here, as well as other insights I’ve gleaned from my numbers (like the fact that my biggest days are Tuesday and Wednesday, for some reason).

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