October 20, 2014

Starting Today: Blogging 201

Earlier this year I engaged in an activity called Blogging 101. It resulted in some random, unrelated-to-this-blog posts, and it ended abruptly when I lost my job. However, the time I spent doing it was fun, and I didn’t feel ending early was a loss for me since finding a focus for this blog and writing semi-regularly (the point of B101) had been something I had more or less mastered.

This week though, at the suggestion of Zarah, I’m engaging in the next level of that activity, Blogging 201. This one is more “brand-focused” — on taking what you’ve got and building it into more. I think I really need that right now, for two reasons.

First, the blog is in a weird place. It began as my personal journal of transition and the best writing was born out of my angst over the process. That’s largely passed now, leaving me with less spontaneous inspiration for writing. Sure, my name change is coming, and there will be transition stories to tell beyond that. But I’m largely done with that chapter of my life.

Second, I’m sad to say that my readership has dropped off since moving away from WordPress.com. I hadn’t realized how much that network could drive traffic, and therefore I took those numbers for granted. If I want to bring my numbers back up and even surpass my old highs, I need to be more active in my approach to this blog. Blogging 201 will help me with that.

The point to all this is, expect a lot of “meta” posts in the next couple weeks centered on plans for this blog and the focus it might take. I would really appreciate any feedback, as well, if you’re one of my regular readers. Tell me what you like to read! You’re the reason I write, after all.



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  • Hey, it’s cool that you decided to join in! šŸ™‚ And thanks for linking to my blog, although your readers probably don’t read German. I for one have no problem with “meta” posts. I love to read what you come up with. After all, that’s what a blogging community is for. I’ve been to the Commons today and already received some great tips for my own blog.

    I love the transformed look of your site! Of course, looks isn’t everything but it helps to absorb the writing if the look is clean and readable and pleasant to the eye, as yours is. It also reflects a new clarity – or is that my interpretation? It certainly looks more in-tune than your previous ones. The time you used on the design, fonts etc. was well spent … now you can generate the content that will bring people to your site.

    • Thanks! I like the theme too. šŸ˜€

      [Decides she *won’t* mention that this is a skeleton theme she was hoping to change soon … ] šŸ˜‰

  • I’ve found similar lapses in inspiration with my own writing. When I started blogging I had a lot of new thoughts about being autistic and how it had affected my growing up. And then when I came out as a trans woman that was more fertile ground for my writing. Angst (and spells of depression) have been triggers for writing, but when I’m feeling good I do encounter a lack of inspiration.

    I understand this kind of journey and just want to let you know that I enjoy the insight your writing provides and have found what you have to say to be valuable and thought-provoking. I think you have a lot to offer in commentary on issues affecting our trans community and wish you every success with your future writing efforts.

    • Thank you, Alex. I appreciate the kind comments. I’ve also kept an eye on your work, as your particular intersection of subcultures is an interesting one, especially since I know people personally who are a part of both worlds (but not at the same time). You do good work on your blog.

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