October, 2014

    Reflections on a Lousy Life

    Later this morning I will be in a courtroom, awaiting my turn before a judge. After that, I will spend days putting the final nail in His coffin (metaphorically speaking). I’m feeling weird today. Part of me can hardly believe I’m here, at this point, less than two years after I started and less than […]

    What is an “Ariamythe”?

    “What is an ‘ariamythe’?” This question seems to pop up every once in awhile. In fact, I just got asked it again yesterday. While I’m certain I’ve mentioned this on this blog in the past, I thought I’d actually write a fuller response to it, since the name has become my personal little brand name. […]

    B201: Week One Tasks

    I thought it best to relegate my Blogging 201 posts to weekly-ish summaries, rather than to post every day about the process. B201 isn’t like B101, where every day was a post; B201 is as much about what’s going on behind the scenes as it is what’s going on in front of them. So prepare […]

    This is Aliwe’en

    So, one week from today I am Ali — officially, legally Ali. I am excited! So excited, in fact, that I wanted to come up with some way to share my excitement with all of you. And I’ve hit upon an awesome idea: Aliwe’en! Short for “Alison’s Awesome Evening,” Aliwe’en  is going to be an […]

    B201: What is My Brand?

    So today’s Blogging 201 was an interesting one (I’m writing this at midnight, so “today” was technically yesterday, but hey, I get it done when I have the time). Today’s assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog, and make sure they’re consistent, focused, and say what […]

    B201 Day One: Three Goals

    Okay, time for the first challenge! Today, the Blogging 201 requirement is to set three long-term goals for my blog and (if daring) to post the goals publicly. I can do that. The post starts of by offering two thinking questions: Why do I blog, and what do I want this blog to be? Okay […]

    Starting Today: Blogging 201

    Earlier this year I engaged in an activity called Blogging 101. It resulted in some random, unrelated-to-this-blog posts, and it ended abruptly when I lost my job. However, the time I spent doing it was fun, and I didn’t feel ending early was a loss for me since finding a focus for this blog and […]

    Transgender in a Genderless Society

    In comments sections of news articles about transgender people and issues, I often see a question come up. If society didn’t have gender roles, would transgender people still feel transgender? Often this question is asked as a subtle way of implying that transgender is a mental illness and not a medical condition — in other […]

    Still Lonely

    I closed my OK Cupid account recently. It was never terribly active anyway, but I finally accepted that I probably wasn’t going to find anyone on there who wanted to be with me. The loneliness bug has been flaring up again this week, and the idea of a relationship is fresh in my mind. OK […]

    The State of Things, October 2014

    Ick. I feel so unmotivated when I go a week without writing anything for this blog. Unfortunately, I find that I write more when things go wrong, and life is pretty okay right now. On a personal level, I’m feeling really good. I’m genuinely happy, something I wasn’t able to say for 38 years of […]