September 15, 2014

Name Change Update

This blog has been pretty job-focused the last couple weeks, and with good reason: it was the most pressing issue on my plate. But because I’ve been job-focused and not posting as often as I might, I didn’t get to tell you folks what happened recently: I got the date for my name change!

It’s October 31. Yes, Halloween. In less than two months I will be legally Alison, bringing my ID in line with my identity.

On Halloween, which is a lot of ways is the most appropriate day for it. When I was still posting incognito last year and signing up for forums and such, I would often be asked to enter a date of birth. I always entered 10/31. And now, in some way, 10/31 actually will be a birthday of sorts!

Why did I use Halloween? It felt fitting. I have always loved Halloween. Not for the obvious reasons; I mean, I love candy and costumes and pumpkins and that, but there’s a love beyond that. I am a student of folklore and folkways, and Halloween — or Samhain, or what have you — has always felt special to me. In the calendar year of my heritage, Halloween has a lot of lore, a lot of meaning, a lot of metaphor. Maybe it’s just the concept of identity; for years I wanted to dress as a woman on Halloween because that felt like the one time a year when I could actually do it. Hallloween was the night expectations were reversed. The one day costumes could go on … or come off, if you tended to wear a costume the other 364.

Well, my costume is coming off. And on Halloween I will not be in costume anymore. I can hardly wait.

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  • Seeing your new name on official documents is such a great feeling. Some people might say that it’s only a piece of paper, and your identity is something you feel inside. But that didn’t stop me feeling on top of the world when my papers were signed. I don’t think I stopped smiling all the way home!

    • I can hardly wait for that feeling. As for the “only a piece of paper” argument, I’d probably point out to those poeple that it’s one of the *most important* pieces of paper in society, legally speaking.

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