September 4, 2014

The Jobs Thing, Again

Having resolved my inner conflict over whether or not to sacrifice my identity for the sake of work, I have begun sending out applications. I have decided that the best approach is to just own the discrepancy and to offer a quick explanation that smooths it out without over-sharing. There’s two parts to this approach.

1) Acknowledging on the part of my resume where I list my writing credits that certain publications were done “As [Him].”

2) Putting the following statement in my cover letters. I am trying to make it clear but not too wordy, something I probably need to work on.

You may note that the transcripts are issued under a different first name; you will also notice that some of my writing was published under this name. I am in the process of a legal name change, and I no longer use my old name for any professional or personal purpose. I anticipate the legal process to complete sometime this autumn, and I do not anticipate it interfering in my teaching in any way.

We’ll see how this works out. I guess I’m lucky, in that colleges, in general, tend to be more liberal and open-minded about these sorts of things. In fact, my old college was probably one of the most conservative colleges I’d ever encountered, likely a result of its positioning as a private business school. Community colleges and public universities don’t normally share such conservative streak.

I’ll of course keep posting about the job hunt as it progresses. I’ll also post about the name change, if I hear anything. Which I haven’t yet, which sucks, but I’m guessing that these sorts of routine, non-critical background checks are not top priority in the State Police Fingerprints Lab.

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