August, 2014

    More Thoughts on Jobs

    Follow-up to the last post: my copy of my college transcripts turned out to not be in the file drawer where they were supposed to be. So, I have had to ask the university to mail me new ones. Thus no jobs applied for, and with the school semester starting this week and next, likely […]

    Job Hunting While Transgender

    Returning from Gen Con meant a return to reality, and that meant thinking about teaching again. Granted, I still have money left from my severance; but (a) it’s not as much as should have been because it was taxed as “bonus” pay not salary, and (b) it will run out by December in any case, […]

    Gen Con was a Blast!

    I tried to come up with a clever title for this post, but nothing seemed to fit. Instead, I decided just to be honest. Gen Con was a blast; it was an amazing way to spend a weekend; and I cannot wait for next year. In a general sense, the whole event was just a […]

    Transgender at Gen Con: An Operation Gamer Girl Epilogue

    A year ago, when I was still pre-HRT, still had a job, and still lived mostly as my old self, I conceived of Operation Gamer Girl, an admittedly silly name for a silly idea that was meant to motivate me to work towards full transition. The plan was simple: attend Gen Con the following year […]

    When Fortune Smiles

    This has been a pretty amazing week for me. My name change petition is filed, and the process is underway. My decision to pursue writing is actually starting to pay off a bit. [Just a bit, but still.] I’m working on a book. I’m preparing for my first GenCon in years. Finally, I may even […]

    Petition for Name Change

    I finally did it! I started the process for legally changing my name. The filing itself was underwhelming. There was no more drama in it than there would be in filing any government form — stodgy old building, bored and indifferent clerk, some typing and printing and stamping and signing and paying a $150 fee. […]

    She Moved Through the Fair

    With my job ending, I’ve no longer allowed myself the “luxury” of how I choose to present in public. I just go out as myself, wherever and whenever, or I have to choose not to go out at all. Six weeks ago, there were places I most certainly would have chosen not to go, particularly […]

    Dum Dum Dum, Dummy Doo Wah

    My weekly therapy session with Nancy this week ended up being mostly about companionship — that is, my lack of it and my desire for it. I can’t say that the conversation left me in an optimistic mood. This all came up in session because I mentioned that I was lonely. Which is am. It’s […]