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I’m finally here! I finally got the new URL up and running. Hooray!

And I am 95% happy with the design right now. I know, never satisfied, right? But this is close. It wasn’t what I had in my head, but it’s something I can work with for awhile. I might change the colors a bit, rescale the post font some, probably redo the logo at some point to fix some (to me) obvious issues. But for now, this is my new blog home and I couldn’t be happier.

If you followed me on, your subscription should have migrated over. At least, I hope it did. Let me know if it didn’t. Also, ariamythe.wordpress,com should be redirecting here automatically. I hope.

Anyway, I’ve felt a little writer-blocked while I tried to finish this up, so posts have been rare of late. I have a lot to write about, though, so expect more content this week.



Ron Evams says:

Uhhh, are you pleased with your photograph?

ariamythe says:

Well, I *was* …

Ron Evams says:

I suppose this means your posts will no longer show in the Reader? This one didn’t.

ariamythe says:

I don’t know. Jetpack has a lot of settings. I may have to work on that.

Zarah says:

Congratulations to your new site! The post did show in my reader … and I like this shade of pink better than the previous one. 😉

Maybe Ron overlooked it in his reader because most other posts have an image or video at the top. If there’s only a headline it’s easy to just scroll past it. So it might be a good idea to add a pic or video to make your posts more “visible”.

ariamythe says:

Thank you! I like this pink too. And I won’t *admit* that I spent a whole hour on it, changing shades and reloading, but it’s possible.

As for the reader: Yes, apparently, now it’s feeding to the reader via RSS, which means there may not be the same icons and images there’d usually be. Still, I’m happy I am able to stay connected with my followers.

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