July 15, 2014

On the Job Front

So here’s some good news: I got a job. It’s not the kind of job that will put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and cover health insurance, but it is a job nonetheless.

More importantly, it is a job writing. Specifically, I am now a contributor to Gamer Headlines, a video game news site. It’s sort of a “work as much as you can” job, without set hours or an hourly salary. I get paid by pageview, which is common in Internet writing. You can follow the articles I’m writing here, though I don’t know that they will be the kind of articles of interest to readers here.

Of more interest to this blog, I think, is that this writing job means I am still able to work as myself and not as Him. I’ve been writing under my own name since last year and this job was not a reason to change that. In fact, I applied under my real name, acknowledging on the resume that some of my writing had been published under another name, and sat back awaiting the questions. They never came. Experience and writing samples — that’s what counted.

If this job  shakes out over the next couple of weeks, I intend to go ahead and legally change my name. No more fear, no more half-steps. I’m embarking on a new career, and I want to be myself as I do it.


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