June 3, 2014

Adventures in Space and Time (W101)

It’s officially Day Two of my month of Writing 101, and today’s prompt is an interesting one:

June 3, 2014 –If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

That’s quite a broad and vague prompt. How far can I interpret this? Well, if I could literally zoom through space and do it at the speed of light, the first thing I’d do is abandon this ol’ rock we call Earth. I’d visit the planets, orbit the Sun, follow Voyager I on its way out of the Solar System and off to distant worlds — just out of curiosity.

But the prompt is thinking more Earthly. From the text of the post:

Today, choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the backstory. How does this specific location affect you? Is it somewhere you’ve been, luring you with the power of nostalgia, or a place you’re aching to explore for the first time?

There is a place to which I want to travel, a place I have yet to visit. I want to go to England. I want to see London, tour Stonehenge, and marvel at the White Cliffs of Dover. Culturally, I’ve always felt some kinship to that country and its place in both general history and my own heritage (I’m half English). I think I would enjoy my time there.

But you know what? I can get to England on a plane. This prompt is offering me the chance to think bigger.

If there were one place I long to go, if physics and time and technology weren’t a limitation, I wouldn’t want to go to any place. I’d want to stay where I am, more or less, and instead travel back in time. Like many a trans person, I’d dearly love to go back and visit me. I want to visit myself at age 15, standing in front of a mirror in my mother’s ill-fitting blue dress, wondering why in the Hell I was doing such a thing. I want to go back and explain everything to myself — before the depression, before the strife, before the suicide attempt, before testosterone had made a complete mockery of my body.

I’d go back to myself back then, the confused girl-who-was-told-she’s-a-boy, and I’d say … actually, I’m not sure. Would I encourage her to pursue her feelings? Talk to her parents about it? Do something about it while there’s still a chance she’ll pass? Would I just assure her that things will be fine, that if she hides it right there will be pain but that it will all work out better eventually and that she’ll get three great children out of it? It’s a terrible choice, now that I think about it. I could save myself so much pain, but also deprive myself of so much joy.

Maybe I would just be speechless, confronted with my former self. Maybe I’d stand there dumbfounded, unable to change her course, like my own fixed point in time.

It’s all silly speculation, I suppose. So screw it, let’s stick with my original plan. If I could zoom anywhere at the speed of light, I’d head into outer space. I’d stroll on distant planets and trip the light fantastic around the stars. I’d leave this whole mess of a world behind, forever and ever. I mean, if I could. Wouldn’t you?


  • *lol* To your last question … that’s exactly what I did for this assignment. I dreamed up a home planet. If you want to visit, you’re welcome. It’s here: http://zarahsabenteuer.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/writing-101-da…ce-called-home/

    BTW, if I had a time machine, I wouldn’tvisit my past in this life. Maybe I’d go back to the sixties and see all the great bands I missed out on, like the Doors, and experience the hippie era firsthand. Or go really far back in time and visit the Ancient Egyptians, or Lemurians. Or even go and check out some future timelines … that might be fun.

    See you in the universe! 😉

  • If I could, would I want to travel into space at the speed of light? Before I came out and started to live my life authentically, I would have said Yes because I already felt like an alien anyway. At the speed of light, the nearest star other than Sol is 4 1/2 years away and flying non-stop in a long metal tube with wings for 12 hours from LA to Beijing on my way to Bangkok with one meal and nothing much to do but sleep, walk up and down the aisles or watch a movie on a screen the size of a toaster was long enough. As to traveling back in time, it may sound romantic, but its romance is that it’s in the past. Besides, until the twentieth century there was no such thing as childhood, leisure time, retirement or a “middle class” and more than 90% of the people would have to toil at a meaningless job, if they were lucky to have one for twelve hours a day seven days a week by age four for a few pennies and no hope of advancement. If they were injured, the likelihood of not dying painfully from their wounds was little to none and they would consider themselves lucky to live past the age of 30. Pardon me, but no thank you!

  • Ha! Hey, stop bringing the reality of physics into my flight of fancy! 🙂 Okay, yes, even at the speed of light travelling through space would be moments of awesome peppered between stretches of nothing. What I need is the Spaceship of the Imagination from Cosmos. All the fun,. none of the drudgery …

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