May 30, 2014

She Can Haz ALL Teh Cheezburgerz

Some news I forgot to share with the blog last week: I adopted a cat recently. She’s a black and white, slightly-long-haired purr machine, and I already love her to death. Her name is Olivia. She came with the name, and I decided not to change it. I do call her “Livy” though.

Olivia is a “tuxedo cat” due to her coloring (or a “Jellicle cat” in England)

It was a pretty easy decision to adopt her. I have always wanted a cat, even in my male-identifying years; in fact, I had one for a couple of years, but had to give it up because I was in a marriage with a partner who has cat allergies. Now that that’s out of the way and I’m settled back into my house, the possibility was there.

Plus, quite frankly I was sick of coming home to a dark, empty house at night. So I got a companion to liven the place up. Given the status of my transition, my sex drive, and my passing ability, she’s probably going to be the only constant companion I’m going to have for quite awhile. Not that I mind so much …





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