May 13, 2014

Writing Opportunity for Trans Folk

In the last few days I’ve become aware of an open call for trans writers to submit work for an anthology. The anthology is currently called Trans_: An Anthology of Trans People & the Internet, and it’s stated intent is to offer perspectives on trans people and the Internet. They seem to be pretty open to considering works from any writer at any level of skill, and I know there are at least a few fellow trans writer-types who read this blog, so I thought I’d pass it on.

As for myself: of course I’m going to submit something! Without the Internet I’m not even sure I would be here today, and even if I was I probably wouldn’t be so far along in my transition (and so confident about it). I’m still not sure what form my essay will take, but I have ideas brewing. I’m trying to find an angle that I don’t think any other writer will take. There are just so many options …

Proposals are due August 1st, 2014, with a completion date of January 1st, 2015.  Seems like plenty of time to get something together. So get on it, fellow trans authors!


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