May 6, 2014

The Hair Up There II

I spent my entire adult life cutting my hair to within an inch of its life (or at least an inch of the roots). Now, I’m faced with the daily task of tending longer locks, something I know absolutely nothing about. It’s becoming bothersome, if only because I’m seeing dryness and flyaways and all the other things that tell me I must be doing something wrong. I have this hair; now I want to care for it. But how?

The Internet has not been a big help. There’s too much information out there on hair care, and a lot of it feels less like actual advice and more like advertisements for expansive hair care products. Do I really need to buy a Luxe oil, ionic hair dryer, and twelve different combs to make my hair look good? I sure hope not. I can’t afford it! And as for the alternative DIY hair care products, there are as many recipes and formulas as their are hairs in my bangs. Not to mention the contradictions — I have seen sites that say to let my hair air-dry, others to that say to use a blow-dryer, others that tell me to pat-not-rub or squeeze-not-rub the water out.

Sadly, this means trial and error is the way to go. Start simple (and cheap), work my way up to complex (and expensive), and hope I don’t end up with a mess of barely used product in my bathroom cabinet!

In the meantime, I would love to hear the sorts of hair care regiments you folks who read this blog use. Point me in the direction of something good!


  • I think most women have a bathroom full of baa rely used hair products. 🙂

    I go to the same stylist every 6 weeks or do. And I do mean stylist, gone are the days of the super cuts special (I had the same guy hairstyle you did). I pay more, but my hair is do much better.

    Short and simple, less is more. Target your biggest problem, but keep it simple.

    • Yeah, simple is my style. I’m trying a couple things now — an antifrizz cream and a serum. The serum is odd. It’s like, didn’t I wash my hair so it *didn’t* feel oily?

      • I’ve been told my hair is fine textured, but really thick at the roots. Short hairstyles look best on me. But still I think, or rather, dream of getting extensions.

        My therapist insists I’m going to get long hair the same way as every woman -grow it out. 🙂

  • Quite honestly, I just use a cheap shampoo/conditioner with enough of a towel dry to keep it from dripping. Other than doing that every other day, that’s my entire routine.

    Everyones hair is different though. I was just lucky enough to have hair that almost falls perfectly in place when i wake up.

      • I brush when dry because my hair rats up and sticks to everything when it’s wet. I never blow dry because I have better things to do with that half-hour of my life.

  • I shampoo, condition, and brush only when dry. I wrap wet hair in a towel, never rub. Towel stays on long enough to stop drips from getting everywhere.

    I *should* have my hair trimmed on some kind of schedule, but the last bitch who wanted to take the “damage” out chopped it off at my shoulders.

    • That’s one of those contradictory “facts” I’ve seen. Some people say comb only when dry; others only when wet. Both say things like “because doing it the other way damages your hair!” I swear, I’m going to have to start reading science texts to figure out who’s right.

  • Sorry, I should say I brush before I shower, so there’s less hair in the drain; I shampoo and condition, and brush afterwards when it’s dry.

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