May, 2014

    She Can Haz ALL Teh Cheezburgerz

    Some news I forgot to share with the blog last week: I adopted a cat recently. She’s a black and white, slightly-long-haired purr machine, and I already love her to death. Her name is Olivia. She came with the name, and I decided not to change it. I do call her “Livy” though. It was […]

    A Brief Review of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (2014)

    Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community. Edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth. Oxford University Press, 2014. 649 pages. When I received my copy of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves in the mail Tuesday I eagerly cracked the spine and began reading. This hefty reference work sounded like an ambitious effort when I first learned of it; I […]

    New Facebook Stream

    I am trying to, at least a little bit, declutter my scattered social media presence, and to separate private and public functions. As part of this, I have created a Page for my writing on Facebook. If you’re at all interested in following new posts from my various writing ventures, that’s the place to Like. […]

    A Politely Offered “Sir”

    Truth: few microsgressions in daily life can kill a trans woman’s mood quicker than a politely offered “sir.” Honestly, part of me feels silly for even complaining about this. I am aware of how poorly I present, especially when I’m “not trying”. I was just out shopping on a warm day. I had on some denim […]

    In Which I Roll for Damage

    Hey all. Quick update today to make you aware of my other blog, Ali Rolls for Damage.This is the blog I have maintained for many years in many forms, most recently with a highly active blogging period between January 2012 and about April 2013. It’s a blog about gaming, and specifically Dungeons & Dragons. While […]

    HRT Six Month Update

    As usual, talking about HRT means that there’s TMI about my body to follow. You have been warned. 🙂  It was six months ago yesterday that I began hormone replacement therapy. It’s been three months since I blogged about being on HRT, because honestly there wasn’t much to report each month and I’m just not that good at […]

    Writing Opportunity for Trans Folk

    In the last few days I’ve become aware of an open call for trans writers to submit work for an anthology. The anthology is currently called Trans_: An Anthology of Trans People & the Internet, and it’s stated intent is to offer perspectives on trans people and the Internet. They seem to be pretty open […]

    On Being a Trans Parent on Mother’s Day

    I know that Mother’s Day is a day that can fill trans women and men with angst. For those without children it can be especially acute, as being trans and pursuing medical transition means virtually destroying the ability to ever become a biological parent (freezing egg/sperm aside, of course, but given the financial reality many trans people […]

    The Hair Up There II

    I spent my entire adult life cutting my hair to within an inch of its life (or at least an inch of the roots). Now, I’m faced with the daily task of tending longer locks, something I know absolutely nothing about. It’s becoming bothersome, if only because I’m seeing dryness and flyaways and all the other things […]

    “Appropriate Clinical Treatment for Gender Transition”

    On Friday I had my not-quite-six-month HRT followup with my doctor. Things went perfectly well. We met; we chatted; she said my face was “filling in nicely’; we discussed dosages, side effects, and pharmacies; I had a blood draw. Very routine stuff. And then, out of nowhere, she asked me if I wanted a letter. […]