April 25, 2014

Once More, With Feeling

Tonight should be interesting. I’m heading back to my old stomping grounds in Mt. Pleasant, MI — home of Central Michigan University, my alma mater. There, the new me is going to meet up with some old friends.

It shouldn’t be too weird. I haven’t been up there in probably six or seven years, and so it’s not like anyone up there has seen me at my recent worst. Besides, most of the people I will meet have been well and truly prepped for this thanks to Facebook, and I know that I will be encountering a lot of supportive people. Also, I’m at a point in my transition where I’m getting used to being myself around people, even for the first time.

The butterflies are still there, regardless. I’m going into this exposed. I’m heading in there as Ali, I’m being there as Ali, and I’m leaving there as Ali. I’m still getting comfortable just being myself in unfamiliar circumstances, other people or no. Each encounter makes the next one a little easier, for sure; but they’re still first times. And there’s been a lot of “first times” in the past couple months.

Plus, there’s every chance I will run into an old professor or acquaintance who doesn’t know. And that will be interesting. Or awkward. Who knows? It’s a pretty liberal-minded campus overall.

At any rate, I’m sure I’ll blog a travelogue of some sort about the weekend. It’s just overnight, so one entry should suffice. I’ll let you all know how it went tomorrow.


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