April 22, 2014

Nothing Fits!

Moving has been the push I’ve needed to really dig into the piles of clothes I bought last summer and fall when I was on my “poppin’ tags” kick. I just don’t have enough closet and drawer space for all this stuff, and to I’m starting to become very critical and draconian about what stays and what goes. So in trying everything on one more time, I am stumbling onto an annoying problem:

Nothing fits!

Many of the clothes I purchased last year are simply too big, too loose on me now. And while the frumpy look worked fine when all I wore was sweatshirts and jeans in shapeless men’s cuts, a lot of women’s clothes are cut to be a little more form-fitting and, as such, don’t flatter AT ALL when they’re saggy and baggy. On the other hand, it seems like much of the smaller-sized items I picked up in anticipation of my weight loss are not quite fitting yet, generally stretching or pinching in all the most unflattering spots.

That they’re all contending against my mannish frame complicates things, of course, leading to some items being tight in some spots (like the belly) and loose and others (like the chest). The hormones aren’t working quickly to help change that.

Size inconsistency isn’t helping, either. For example, when I started out last year I was pretty firmly in US size 24 women’s jeans. As I started to slim down I started wearing some size 22 jeans, and I built up a workable wardrobe of them. Well, now the 22s are, on the whole, getting a little loose around the waist; and they have always been a little loose around the hips and thighs even before weight loss. So I’ve pulled out some size 20 jeans … but they are, on the whole, a little too tight! And then there’s one pair of 20s that appears to be measured completely differently than the rest because it’s super tight still; but there’s also a pair of 18s in another brand that I swear are better-fitting than those tight 20s. Yeesh!

I know how I want to dress and I know how I like to dress, but right now I’m kind of stuck dressing, at least in part, in a way that works with what I’ve got. I don’t have the money right now to buy a lot of new clothes; but a lot of these second-hand finds are about to go back to the thrift shop virtually unworn. So I may be spending at least some time here making due with what I have, at least for the time being.


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