March 21, 2014

TransAdvocate Dissects the CrossFit Case

Chloie Jönnson would be eligible to compete in any Olympic women’s sport, arguably one of the most prominent and tightly-policed athletic competitions in the world, as well as any NCAA women’s sport- were she a student. Given that these organizations, both under considerably higher scrutiny for fairness than a commercial group like CrossFit, allow trans women to compete in women’s events and both organizations consulted extensively with medical experts before establishing such policies, it’s difficult to see on what ground CrossFit’s stands for their exclusion of Ms Jönsson from the women’s competition.

Mari Brighte over at The Transadvocate has done a thorough scientific debunking of claims made in the Chloie Jonnson / CrossFit story. It’s well written and worth a read!

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