March, 2014

    Paging Dr. Godot

    The long hours in the hospital, beginning Sunday afternoon and stretching through Tuesday night, were torturous. There’s nothing like the feeling of helplessness that comes when you are waiting for a loved one to die. As I noted in a prior post, though, it wasn’t continuous. We were allowed into the ICU for about 30 […]

    The Packing Dilemma

    [Hitting the rewind button here, and going back to the week my dad died to tell another part of the story. Bear with me while I catch up with the present. ] I had been dreading the phone call that would tell me my dad was dying. I was dreading it for all the expected […]

    An Update on Transgender Science

    I’ve gotten a few messages asking what’s up with this blog in the last month or so — only a few posts, and those mostly responses to Tumblr asks. Here’s a quick update. Moving this site to its own blog was part of a move to change the nature of the content into fewer, longer […]

    TransAdvocate Dissects the CrossFit Case

    Chloie Jönnson would be eligible to compete in any Olympic women’s sport, arguably one of the most prominent and tightly-policed athletic competitions in the world, as well as any NCAA women’s sport- were she a student. Given that these organizations, both under considerably higher scrutiny for fairness than a commercial group like CrossFit, allow trans […]

    On Beginnings, Endings, and the Major Arcana

    The veil or mask of life is perpetuated in change, transformation, and passage from lower to higher. — A. E. Waite, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot I suppose it would be remiss if this blog, whose focus is supposed to be my transgender experience, didn’t discuss transition-related happenings that occurred during the week my dad died. There […]

    Meta Odds and Ends

    I am so blocked. There are things I want to write about, maybe even need to write about to process completely, but I just can’t seem to get them to completion. I suppose their time will come, but in the meantime it’s been thin on this blog. So in lieu of amazeballs new content, here’s some website […]

    My Kids Get It

    I have been taking a break from blogging the last few days due to life (catching up from the disruptions of the week prior). There is still more to tell about the week my dad died, especially some things more germane to the topic of this blog. But today I want to share with you […]

    Through a Monitor, Darkly

    Monday is a blur in my mind. Visiting periods came and went in a four hour cycle, stretches of monotonous waiting punctuated by bouts of profound sadness. Another procedure was tried and failed. Meds were added and adjusted. A second night passed in the ICU without any significant change or improvement. By Tuesday, there were no […]

    Vigil for the Dying

    The doctors assured us that the ventilator could very well be a temporary measure, that once they drained some fluids out and fed some fluids in and checked some levels and did some tests that he could turn around — of course he could! — turn around and improve. There was also the unspoken other […]


    Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, MIssissippi is a thoroughly modern hospital that was renovated recently and doesn’t have any of the retro-fitted rooms or relic equipment that older facilities sometimes have. Everything is tastefully decorated in neutral earth tones, every room is fully equipped with networked diagnostic computers, and every staff member is polite and […]