February 23, 2014

What a Difference a Year-ish Makes

It occurred to me that I have never posted a “Before” photo of me on this blog, primarily because I was always so paranoid about being found out by someone. But now that my family and friends are in the know, I’m a lot less paranoid about that. So it’s time to share.

Below is a side-by-side: the Twitter/Facebook profile pic I was using at the end of 2012 (the pic was snapped by my ex-wife at a Starbucks in mid-Novemember), and a random selfie I snapped today that I liked enough to use as my new Twitter/Facebook profile pic. Can you spot the differences?


I am really at a point where I look at old pictures of myself and I have trouble remembering how I felt back then. Emotionally, I mean. I’m smiling in that pic, but inside I was so messed up it wasn’t even funny. Also, I can’t even remember what wearing the beard felt like, and I wore that beard nearly non-stop between 1995 and last May when I shaved it off. In a lot of ways I don’t even WANT to remember, even though the detachment from my former Self is a little disconcerting at times.

I guess my point here is: wow, what a difference a year-ish makes.

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  • I understand the emotional disconnect and agree it is disconcerting when you expect to remember something and find it feels like it happened to someone else.

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