February 17, 2014

HRT, Month Three: >crickets

Warning — This post contains TMI.

First, an update from my last post: My father passed the cardiopulmonary stress test and was cleared to begin chemotherapy. He’s already had his first doses. Things are finally turning around on that front. Phew!

Meanwhile, I continue to vow to log my monthly experiences with HRT, at least through the first year. And I have to say that this last month was pretty darn uneventful. The acute pain in my nipple area has subsided into a chronic tenderness, but otherwise there doesn’t appear to be anything much going on upfront. Down below things are pretty much non-functional, unless I really put some effort into it, and my libido is literally flat-lined.

There has been some movement mentally, though it’s harder to ascribe those changes solely to the hormones. I will say that I’m feeling more accepting of myself, more comfortable letting others see me as myself, and generally more happy with myself when I look in the mirror each day. I can’t doubt that the hormones have something to do with that.

Speaking of the hormones, there has been a change in my dosages. The doctor upped my estradiol, which was a welcome change. Anything to get things jumpstarted. I’m less than two weeks on the new dose, so I can’t ascribe any positive changes to it yet. Meanwhile, I’ve stopped taking the progesterone for the time being. It’s simply too expensive off-insurance, especially since my estradiol costs more now. I’m going to talk it over with my doctor and make a decision sometime in the near future.

Going into the fourth month here, and I’m looking at the WPATH SOC and seeing that things are supposed to start happening soon. I can only hope!


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