February 9, 2014

Operation Gamer Girl: January and February

Another month-ish has gone by, so it’s time to check in once again with this silly motivational scheme I have going on: Operation Gamer Girl!


In terms of goals, January Weight Loss was not a spectacular success. In the end I squeaked by in my pound a week goal, but I didn’t hit the magical 250 lbs. before the end of the month. Maybe February will be nicer to me. The January Savings Goal, on the other hand, was back to being super-easy, what with Christmas out of the way. I’m still a month behind my overall goal but I think I’m going to just adjust my overall goal to account for that. Maybe I can find a way to make up the difference in the next couple months.

The other big accomplishment over the last month was the event of my coming out on Facebook. It wasn’t a planned thing, of course, but once it started happening I decided to get ahead of the message and Tell Friends & Family before the rumors went any further. Since making the life transition was a big part of the plan, this is a good thing.

On the specifically GenCon front, a room reservation for the convention has been made. I wasn’t the one making the reservation, but my presence has been planned for and accommodated for, and the space is mine if I want it. So Secure Room for GenCon is another goal accomplished. Next up is badge registration, which I just have to get around to doing this week (badges are $70, so that more or less eats my February Saving Goal), and then event registration in May.

Looking ahead, things seem to be coasting along pretty well. I’m not 100% sure what concrete accomplishments lie in the month ahead, but I will continue to work on my monthly goals and look for opportunities as they arise. I know that starting to do something with my hair is a definite To Do item; it’s getting hard to manage and I can’t really do anything with it right now. So maybe this is the month for that.



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