January 22, 2014

Closer and Closer to the Bad Diagnosis

My father has had another round of tests, and the results are still “inconclusive.” One thing is sure, though: with every round of tests, another possibility that it is NOT cancer gets eliminated.

The next step is a biopsy. The CT scan identified a mass of some type in his abdomen. It could be a cancerous tumor, or it could be a swollen lymph node. Next week they are biopsying it. Then there will be no more questions; we’ll have an answer, and he will know what his next step is. Possibly chemo, possibly radiation, possibly more surgery, possibly just a big dose of some other drug.

He seemed in good spirits when I talked to him. He’s not generally the kind to worry about what he doesn’t know. He’ll wait for the final diagnosis. I’m trying to follow his lead.



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